An exceedingly belated Happy Christmas, best make it….Happy New Year!!!!

Well…so much for my post all about Christmas preparations….I was ever so slow with getting Christmas going this year, let alone posting about it.   Truth be told I was feeling all rather…..


……about the whole festive season this year….and that’s just not me at all.  I’m usually all so ever so excited about it all.  So, a week before the big day I decided it was high time to put the tree up.  Once upon a time I always had a real tree….in fact, one of the huge bonuses of the ‘regular, guaranteed pay’ job was going out to the Christmas tree plantation, choosing a tree, helping to fell it….and then taking it home.  Over the years though, the joy of a real tree waned somewhat due to the fact that the only heating for out home comes from our faithful old multi burner Beatrice, and the only place to put the tree is near faithful old Beatrice….which results in a rather hasty shedding of said tree’s needles.  To remedy this I turned to a black artificial tree, which is incredibly slimline due to our lack of space…..but slimline doesn’t normally mean lack of decorations






….our tree is usually full to bursting with my hand made decorations, decorations my children have made over the years, gifted decorations…..and quirky bits and pieces that catch my eye.

This year howsomever, I just didn’t feel like going through all of the boxes and doing it all….so I went for the easy option and grabbed some of our wedding bits and bobs….and hey presto…an oh so easy, almost instantly decorated tree … are the decorations in use in the summer


…the rose garlands



…and the birds from the table decorations….




….it was ever so easy….until I realised I had put the horrible blue glow lights onto the tree instead of the warm white…but it didn’t take long to remove the garlands and birds, and extra baubles I rooted out, replace the lights and whack the whole lot on again

….and I re used the paper pompoms too

11694810_875064002566805_1273281623480812083_n (1)



…and then the deer had to come out, and of course my husbeth’s angel




….so by this point I was kind of feeling rather festive….but what totally got me in the mood was rounding up the older two grandchildren for a spot of Christmas card making.  Isn’t that one of the reasons to have children…to get them to make your Christmas cards????….oh the joy of all of the glue and glitter covering every surface….how I have missed that since my skillywigglins became too old to indulge me.  But,…yay!!!…I have new victims…oh how I enjoyed the return of glue and glitter




…what fun we had. ….bless her, our grandaughter asked who she was giving all of her cards to…twas a good job this wasn’t established before the making….they went to all of my nearest and dearest of course !!!

….and then it was an incredibly busy few family days of festive cheer….here’s almost all of my side of the family at ours on Christmas eve


…and from that point on it was a hectic flurry of family gatherings….twas mighty fine though 🙂