Come back December, you’re passing way too quickly

Crikey blimey….where on earth have those weeks gone since I last was here???….and what on earth have I been up to????.  It seems like one big blur of busyness without really having much to show for it.  So, I’m going to have a look back over my facebook photos and see exactly what I have been doing with that time, and I will share as I go,…if that’s ok 🙂  I may surprise myself .

Ah yes, diaries and fairies.  I told myself I was going to refrain from Christmas makes this year, but I succumbed to covering a few diaries and the fairies I have already shared with you.  I decided to continue with my passion at the moment….mixing up yarn and fabric, and came up with some new designs



12341081_952370014836203_7610116509428651094_n (1)

these were my Mandala ones……….




…..and these were my little granny square ones.  I do rather like their beaded page markers, and because the covers are removable they can be used year after year, or can be popped on a notebook, or sketch book.  I do like multi functional.  I have to say I think the Mandala one’s are my favourites, and I rather think I may make some more next year to cover note books.

oh yes, I also made another Granny Patch cushion….I absolutely love making these, and one day I’d love to make a quilt version….my brain quinches (quivers and flinches) somewhat at the thought of all the hours it would take, but maybe if it were to be a flitting about in the background project whilst working on other things, well then maybe it would seem so daunting.  I now have a plan for those quiet festive holiday days ….another plan to add to my ever growing list.


this is the choosing of fabrics stage, along with my stay at home, live on the cat/Toy Story chair, point of reference, lets see how I do it cushion


…..and this is the blanket stitch, followed by a round of crochet stage, once all the squares had been assembled.  If I remember correctly, this photo was taken at about 11.00 am on an oh so dull, keep the curtains drawn, snuggle up warm indoors morning….hence the mug of tea as opposed to glass of wine 😉


….and here are all the squares, both hooked and sewn waiting patiently to be joined.

……and here is the finished cushion…..





……yes…I absolutely love making these

Looking through my photos I have more to share, but I think I’d best continue tomorrow….you see I came to bed three hours ago all achy back and over tired, and if I’m not strict with myself I shall stay up way too late, and be all silly tired tomorrow….and that’s not a good thing

….so for now , night night x