Family, fabric and yarn

I’m a little bit late with this post….I started it on Thursday, but it all went a little bit wrong, so I’m back to have another go….fingers crossed…here goes

This time last week I was staying at my  youngest brother’s.  My parents picked me up early Friday morning, and on the way we collected by other younger brother.  It’s a wonderful place to stay…a big old house with an attic with fireplaces (where the servants once lived…not theirs I might add), a cellar, an aga, beams, a walled garden…and everything!!!.  It’s a house where you can all sit around the kitchen table and natter away, or all hole up in the living room and chill out to films without feeling on top of each other.  I very much love his home…..isn’t it just gorgeous?








I was oh so organised and got busy on the sewing machine during the week before going in order to have some portable projects that needed yarny attention.  I already had the squares ready for my All Mixed Up lap size blanket, and I added a Frida and Russion Doll cushion, and made the squares for a Granny patch cushion.



……here’s the Frida cushion in progress


…..and here’s the squares for the Granny Patch cushion


…..and here are my projects together, minus the All Mixed Up blanket squares

Whilst there he made us a lovely bonfire party with fireworks and sparklers…a most wonderful way to welcome the first proper cold weather of the season.  we had hot dogs, and my first ever experience of jacket potatoes with mushy peas and gravy (rather tasty I must say)…all washed down with oodles of mulled wine.  He made it all look so lovely with tea lights and candles a plenty









It really was a lovely weekend, and so good to spend time with my ‘born into’ family.  I left their house just once to walk to the oh so near shop…and that was it.  We just all hung out together…. and I crocheted away


…..I do believe this was being worked on whilst watching Miracle on 34th Street


Monday was return home day, I always miss my home no matter how lovely a time I’m having away from it.  I returned with all of my projects completed…yay!!!



Here’s the lap sized All Mixed Up blanket which is now on it’s way to it’s new home in America




… you can see it is reversible





….and here’s my Frida cushion…I do so love making these…this is my third one, and each face turns out differently




…’s the crochet trim I worked on whilst away


……..and here’s the Russian Doll cushion with her crochet trim





……when I grow up I would love to be a good old mix up of Frida and a Russian Doll

……and here is my Granny Patch cushion





…..and that was my weekend of family, fabric and yarn