……last night…… continued

Hello again, so where was I ?  Oh yes, I was going through my photos and working out what I had been up to during the last few weeks….quite possibly more than I had originally thought.

Two weeks ago I went and set up my window display in a nearby interior design shop…The Cotton Tree in Saxmundham.  They had contacted me some time back to see if I would be interested in having a pop-up shop on the day of the town’s festive celebrations…..I jumped at the chance!!!  So, along I went with way more goodies than was needed to fill the space, but choice is a good thing, right?


 They had oh so kindly ordered a roll of Pip Studio wallpaper of my choice to use….so that went down as a base, then my patchwork stool went in, and the rest kind of followed quite quickly and easily.  A big part of me has always wanted to have a shop, so I kind of got to play, and I have to say I very much enjoyed the experience….a shop window full of a selection on my creations!!!



….you can see here the wallpaper that I chose



…..I think this is my favorite photo

Then on the Saturday morning I took the rest of my stock along and set up shop for the day





I had a most lovely day indeed, and the ladies of the shop were a wonderful bunch.  I truly appreciated them letting me be there…..and I was allowed to keep my window display for an extra couple of weeks.  Yes, a part of me would love to have a shop.

I have also managed to make another ‘All Mixed Up’ crochet fusion blanket.  This was my first non-order one, my previous three were orders, I figured it would be good to have one listed in my Etsy shop.  To test the waters I decided upon a small one, the same sort of size as my last order one, abay/lap sized one….only this time I put a much deeper crochet border on

For this blanket I chose five colours, and had five rows of five.  I wanted to place the squares so that there was only one of each colour in each row, and so that at no point did the same colour meet at all…does that make sense?  Anyway, I had a bit of a google and found a page that did this for me….why oh why didn’t I save that page???…I have searched and searched again for it, but alas it is not to be found.

11227662_953009268105611_7474600624049673279_o (1)

….here they all are laid out perfectly….I was so pleased with myself.  This didn’t last for long though as somewhere along the blanket making journey I managed to get them all in a pickle, and I ended up with a blanket which doesn’t at all resemble the layout above….hey ho 🙂

11232182_953469748059563_8994005026891251261_o (1)

….and this is the the sewing the backs and fronts of the squares together stage.  I keep the rows all organised in sandwich bags with the row number on a post it note on top


….and this is the choosing which colour to edge with stage..it must have been on a Friday night as a bottle of Henry Weston’s is present


…and this is do believe is the dealing with ‘them pesky ends’ stage before adding the border.  I had done three whole rounds of the border before I decided it was a bit too full and frilly….so I unravelled it all and started again


….again this photo of the border stage must have been on a Friday night as a bottle of Henry Westons is present….I usually take a Westons pic on a Friday night to say ‘Cheers, have a good weekend’ to the people of FB and IG, it would be rude not to.  I think on this occasion I must have not had my glasses on as it’s an ever so blurry photo

12346356_958506634222541_9072685535495131662_n (1)

….and here she is

12376715_958506660889205_4255621965848369866_n (1)

12366375_958506690889202_3938175115589590374_n (1)

12341321_958506727555865_6450393837392402993_n (1)

….I have to say I really rather love the deeper border with it’s picot trim

12342616_958506744222530_4322319540350682723_n (1)

….and this is the reverse side.  Those of you familiar with crochet will know that the back and front of crochet look very different, but I think it still looks just as lovely on the reverse, and using patterned fabric allows for two blankets in one.

…and that really rather, kind of sums up my last few weeks….of course lots more went on than that, but we’ll leave it at that…..

…..oh yes, and the sun shone…..yay!!!!!


….and on that happy note I shall leave you, and wish you a wonderful weekend….the last before Christmas!!!!….best we put the tree and decorations up tomorrow, and as for writing cards, well…I haven’t even begun to make them yet…ooops!!!