at home with Scarlet Sometimes (5)Home is the place I always love to return to after being in one of our ‘special places’… it’s my most special place of all.

Home is a terraced cottage in a row of eight built in the 1880s just on the edge of a small Suffolk coastal town. It’s a home full of handmade, colour, clutter and cobwebs. It’s a simple home, with no central heating, that is warmed in the colder months by our wonderful, gorgeous stove called Beatrice. It’s a home of mismatched windows, a vast variety of textured wallpapers, of doors whose handles don’t work anymore, a home which very much could do with a coat of paint, a place that is constantly in need of a declutter and tidy up and a floor wash… but it’s our home. A home that’s shared with my husbeth, teenage boys, neurotic dog and a team of four tabby cats.

My sewing takes place at the dining table or in the garden, always accompanied by a bottle of Henry Westons and Friday Free for All at 6 o’clock on a Friday evening. This is normally documented on my Facebook and Instagram pages with a “Cheers” photo. My hooky corner is where most of my crochet takes place, a chair by the window normally with our freaky cat Leila (Le Freak) in residence… a quick “off you go” sorts that out.

I very much love our home!!!!!