Our Maude

MaudeMaude is my first love, she was our first ever caravan… our initiation into not so much vintage caravan restoration, but vintage caravan titillation. She has been rather butchered over the years, her rear window was removed, blocked up and bunks built in it’s place, and some random cladding has taken place around the front window, no doubt to mask some damp problems… this means she has a most random window sill, behind which a pool of water collects when the condensation runs down her windows… and the table no longer fits properly… but to us she is just perfect!!! I have to say though that she is my most favourite caravan ever. She has taken on several guises over the years, skulls and crossbones mixed with patchwork at the beginning to try and convince my young pre teenage boys that caravans are cool, and then a complete revamp for our wedding in June 2015.

A lot of my yay!!! photos are taken in her as she has a lovely soft light, and as she resides in our carpark she is easy to get to… and her colours just go with my work oh so well. There are times when a gal needs a change of scenery, so I gather my crochet, a pot of tea and the radio and head out to work in her… I love to do this when it’s raining… you just can’t beat the sound of rain on an aluminium roof… right?

Maude is our nearest ‘let’s escape’ place… for times when we really feel we could do with a night away, but for one reason or another just can’t. The neighbours are quite used to seeing us traipse across the carpark in pyjamas with mugs of tea on a weekend morning, and to seeing her lit up at night to the sounds of music and chinking wine glasses (you can’t beat a disco in our Maude)

I love our Maude, oh so much indeed!!!!