The Beach Hut

beach hutOur beach hut is rented from the council and lives on Sizewell beach in Suffolk, just under two miles away from home. She is not at all like the oh so pretty painted beach huts down the road at Southwold… she is one of twelve dark brown stained subtle, blend into the background sheds. No cries of “look at me, look at me” are to be heard from our little row of huts, but open the doors and they are all unique and lovely inside. I love our little row of twelve unassuming beach huts. I love the afternoon group of neighbours that I have grown to know over the last couple of years, mainly ladies of an older nature… all much braver than me when it comes to braving the rough sea… well rough in my world anyway.

During the warm months of spring and summer I head down to our beach hut on my bicycle Betty for a swim straight after my regular guaranteed paid work, taking my lunch and crochet with me. I love swimming in our murky, at times rough sea… it uplifts my spirits like nothing else, and I always say “thank you for having me” to that oh so vast, never ending sea. When I am in the sea I feel like I’m on holiday, when I shut my eyes and lie back with the (sometimes) sun on my face I feel like I could be in any sea, anywhere in the world.

Our beach hut is also the perfect place to stop for a cup of tea after a dog stomp along the coast, and oh so perfect for an evening of watching the sun go down and the moon come up with either a mug of tea or glass of wine… favourite evenings are stormy evenings watching the ever changing clouds with the moon peeking out and reflecting on the sea, all snug and cosy in our fairy lit hut. When informed by friends that I really should have a hen do of some sorts I oh struggled with the idea, but as soon as I thought ‘beach hut’ it became the perfect place for a gentle ‘ pre wedding girlie gathering’ with a few of my closest friends

I oh so love our beach hut!!!