Crochet fusion… blending yarn and fabric….and a great big shock

….it’s been all about experimenting, playing around and coming up with new ideas on the creative front.  The last time I was here I had made my prototype Granny Patch bunting…..well I went on to make my first proper, all tweaked up official one, put it on Etsy and by the time I got up the following day it had sold…excellent!!!!

12493510_973157076090830_6871095232700964595_o12466040_973167592756445_6205708999671498776_o (3)920691_973167586089779_3231510518566543558_o (1)12465875_973167596089778_989350303631769998_o (1)

this one was my usual bright colour wise…..but I then sort of got urges to make something a bit softer

….so I sorted out some softer colours…..12440350_973714499368421_2982787198952234231_o (1)

…I was everso unsure about the pale yellow yarn (third from top), and kept being drawn by a brighter yellow….which one will I choose ????  I often have these battles with fabrics and yarns…they all yell at me “pick me, pick me”…..and I wonder to myself “who will be the winner??”… the end the brighter yellow won

12471844_975986749141196_3738418896227822854_o (2)12491793_975993515807186_1855621756233608036_o12471882_975993445807193_881177641146800002_o12401789_975993985807139_2605920989528535339_o12489268_975993435807194_8002984822508689469_o

….I’m glad the brighter yellow won

… then I got to thinking that I’d very much like to make a triangular version… I busied away and came up with…..12493641_973930086013529_8357265891079284867_o (1)

….believe me, my brain fries with the maths of working these things out…I’m most definitely not a mathematician, but maths somehow seems to barge it’s mathsy little way into these things…maybe there is a way to do it without, but I have yet to have that lightbulb moment…..Anyway, I wasn’t very impressed with the size difference of the two triangles…..sensible people would have just added another round to the crocheted triangle…but I don’t do the easy sensible thing…I then fry my brain with making the fabric one smaller

859091_973904192682785_7086223168034089220_o (1)

…several attempts, and many glasses of wine, and a day later……


…….I got there!!!!!!….Huzzah!!!!


….but as you can see….for a reason known only to me, and not known by me…and because I’m me….having spent all of that time getting the crocheted and fabric triangles edged with crochet as similar in size as I could……..well, I went ahead and made one just from the crochet edged fabric triangles ……because I’m me and that’s what I do

…..and then there came a very sad day indeed…a day that shocked me….and I was shocked by how moved I was.  The wonderfully fantastic David Bowie died.  I won’t say too much about it, but he is someone who’s music has played a great part in my life for about 35 years.  He was such an individual, creative soul, who pushed boundaries…he was an ever changing soul.  He was David Bowie!!!!!


…and this might be my favourite album of his……anyway, I spent the day trying to do some making whilst listening to 6 music….it was a day spent in tears, as every song they played took me back to a time and place, and I just couldn’t quite grasp that he was no longer with us. …..but what moved me most of all was the fact that he had made his last album with the knowledge that it would be his last, and that he had kept it to himself, that he hadn’t shouted it from the rooftops, that it was all carried out with such dignity.  David Bowie, Aladdin Sane, Starman, Space Oddity, Ziggy…..thank you for your gift of such brilliance

12525223_976235869116284_8240469904606041604_o (1)

…..the day after the oh so sad day I spent playing all of his albums as loud as I dared (my husbeth would not thank me for trashing his speakers….and quite rightly so)….it was a day that the sun shone, and I sang my heart out, and hooked away in my sunny corner…it was a day of thinking….”heck that man was truly a one off”, a day of enjoying what I had always enjoyed about him…and a day of gentle creating

…..a couple of nights beforehand I had been ironing my finished crochet trimmed triangular bunting and I began playing about with it, I layed it out into a circular form and thought to myself what a mighty fine round cushion it might make.

….so I sorted out some fabrics and yarns….and…..


….this happened a couple of days later

….and then I played around making the hexagonal shape it became into a circle

….and this happened


….I have added more rounds, and now just need to add the back…but I think I am really rather ‘appsy with it, and quite pleased with myself for letting that laying out of my bunting into a circular shape turn into a cushion front.  I do rather surprise myself at times

That night when I was playing with the triangular bunting and making cushion ideas in my head, that night when I told my husbeth I would be up to bed in 5 minutes, that night when I found myself eating cheese over an hour and a half later, having sorted fabrics and yarn for the cushion idea…I also found myself wanting to make a proper Granny edged Russian Doll cushion (my last in the previous post was a prototype)..,again softer colours called to me


…so I gathered together some yarns and fabrics in readiness for the morning


…and over the next few days it became…..


…a terrible photo of my ready to sell cushion.  I really shouldn’t put this on here, or on fb, or on IG…but I have…and that’s because I’m too impatient…I just am always so eager to play “show and tell”.  I do like her very much…but I am now itching to make one in my colours that I feel more comfortable with….so I think as soon as I finish writing this I am going straight to my fabric and yarn stash…and I think black and white polka dot and big bold red florals are shouting “pick me, pick me”…..

….I wonder if they will be the winners?????

thank you for popping by….Alfie xx