My special space (at the moment)…..and feelings of great frustration

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I have been spending as much time as possible in our Maude of late…..she is my wonderful ‘escape to’ place….the place I turn to when I long to feel the warmth of the sun, but it’s just too chilly to be outside….the place I go to for stillness of mind.

A couple of weekends we gave our Maude a bit of a makeover….bless her, she has been so butchered over the years, before she was ours I might add.  Someone had removed her rear rear window and built some bunks in it’s place.  Now I’m sure these would have been really useful once upon a time, and when my youngest two were much younger they did once use them…..but they had just become a dumping ground for ‘stuff’ that made it’s way out of the car, but had nowhere else to go.  Also, because the top bunk was rather low it didn’t leave enough head height for sitting on the bottom bunk… we put a chair in for extra seating, but this kind of ate up the limited space


….curious Eileen rather approved of the top bunk, and I did very much like them,

…..but more space was needed….so……


….the top bunk was removed…and hey presto, extra seating for two!!!, I rather liked the mattress from the top bunk, but as it was narrower than the bottom one it couldn’t replace it…..but it does however make a most excellent back rest


……and we left a small part of the top bunk to make a handy shelf


……not being one for big white spaces, I had a root and a rummage and soon filled the space.  I’m not sure these will be permanent bits, but for now they will most certainly do


……and now that our Maude has extra seating and space…she’s the perfect spot for the husbeth and I to hang out for a picnic


……and the perfect spot to hang out for the evening when we really would like to be camping in one of our other vans ‘Elsie’, but health issues and hospital procedures keep us at home.  She’s the perfect spot for a glass of wine and some music…..she’s the perfect spot to feel like we’re getting away from it all, but with the comforts of home a few short steps away.

For years I have dreamt about giving up my day job and focusing on Scarlet-Sometimes, for many, many years that has been my dream…a dream most wonderful.  Then suddenly I find myself having been off work for 8 weeks due to health issues….a whole 8 weeks at home, with at lest another 3 to come.  How frustrating this time has been for me, when I look back I realise just how little I have done with that time.  I have managed quite a bit of crocheting as I find it so relaxing and therapeutic…but I have in the grand scheme of things not really made very much at all.  And as for sewing, my poor machine and I seldom meet at the moment.  I’ve had the odd moments, especially at the beginning of my time off, times where I have found projects which involve a lot of hand sewing, and bead stinging, and stuffing….gentle pop it in the basket and take it from place to place projects.  Most night I go to bed telling myself that tomorrow will be the day, I sometimes have a good old root and rummage through my stashes of fabric to see if I can find inspiration, sometimes I do, but the bundles of chosen fabrics just sit there, only to be put away a few days later.  Oh my, how frustrating …but I am not going to force the issue, I will keep choosing fabrics, then putting them away again….I know that one day I will feel better, and that my sewing urges will return….they will return, and I will sew again.

So for now I shall just keep on nipping out to our Maude, crochet in hand…..I shall sit in the sun in her, I shall enjoy the warm embrace she gives me


…….and I shall enjoy the occasional company of curious Eileen


….and I shall enjoy the peace she offers, the space to actually read my eye candy books, rather than just look at the pictures


……I do so love our Maude


thank you for taking the time to pop by and read my ramblings ….it has taken me quite a while to write this today as I found myself rather rusty…..but now that I am all oiled up again I shall try and visit my blog page again before my operation,

take care,

Alfie xx