New Year…..New Projects

Good morning….ooooh, and what a grotty one it is too…it’s oh so wet, soggy and dull out there.  So that gives me the perfect excuse to spend my last day of the holiday before I return to the ‘guaranteed pay’ job snuggled up indoors.

My first commitment to the end of last year/ beginning of this year was to finish my youngest son’s blanket….oh shame on me….I started it way back over the festive period of 2012.  I always like to have a project or two lined up for the festive holidays, and hooking up two blankets for my youngest sons seemed an idea most perfect all those many moons ago.  My middling son’s blanket hooked up everso quickly.  You see, I let them choose their own colours, and I confess I chose to make his first as although being not at all my palate of choice it did have quite a bit of variation


……so after hooking that one up quite quickly I eagerly got stuck into my youngest son’s one….but the lack of colours made progress oh so slow….I had serious ‘oooh, those colours together just make my heart sing’ cravings….so it was put aside with the promise of finishing it soon.  I made the same promise the year after, and the year after….what a wicked mum I am.  Anyway I decided that this was the year it absolutely had to be finished….and finished it is!!!!  I only have a small bit of it to show as it really is the same all over


I also have another blanket that has been hanging around with all of it’s pesky ends screaming at me to keep away, and a bundle of unattatchedness waiting to be joined.  It’s a gorgeous blanket, it’s happy, joyful and being made from cotton has cost me a small fortune so far….but all those ends!!!!!.  So I promised myself this too would be finished before beginning anything new…that promise didn’t last for long, but it’s my blanket for me, so it doesn’t matter too much?  I did manage to deal with a few ends on the journey to and from my brother’s…we went there for a few nights to see the new year in…we had a truly lovely time.  Here she is back in the summer of 2013… and maybe, just maybe I will turn my attentions to her when I have a quiet moment or two


…she really is such a lovely blanket, and deserves some time and attention….what’s the betting I’ll be saying the same thing in a years time?

As I mentioned earlier, we headed off to my brothers for a few days to see this year in, so I took some new projects with me


…I rather wanted some new creations to start the new year with.  I scribbled these ideas down in my mind a while ago


…so I worked on them whilst we were away

12485928_970888726317665_591646904020255786_o (1)

…and when we returned….

….and here they are, they still need a few tweaks, which I think I have sorted….and being everso good I am writing the patterns down as I remake them….a gold star to me!!!!

….here is my Granny Patch bunting


the sun kindly shone yesterday, so I took my makes out to Our Maude to take some photos


it’s a bit lost in this photo, but it’s a happy photo


it’s made up from alternate granny squares and crochet edged fabric squares


…and it has beady tassels on each corner

…and here is my Russian Doll cushion, to which I have as yet to give a name


I wanted to include a lot more crochet on this design than my usual Russian Doll ones


so I added a crocheted flower instead of an appliqued fabric heart


….and rather than just putting a crochet trim on the edge of the cushion, I added a deep crochet border to the front


…….so that is my year so far, yet again an unfinished blanket….but two brand new projects…and a blog…so that can’t be bad

Thank you for popping by to read my ramblings….and I hope you have a truly fantastic, happy and healthy 2016