Oh Me, Oh My…. How Time Has Gone By

…. a whole year and a half since last I was here… how on earth did that happen??? Ok, I kind of know how… I have several drafts almost ready to go, so I really did intend to post… but a few days would go by without finishing them, then a few week, then a few months… you know how it goes… and before you know it’s one and a half years!!!!


… so now this gal is thinking… where on earth do I start, what do I talk about?, what do I leave out?… so much has happened since last I was here…. so, I reckon what I will do is start at the beginning of last year and take it from there….and rather than cram it all into one post, I shall break it up into a fair few…. how does that sound?


…ok, Feburary last year saw the start of a new venture.  My dear friend (who lives in a little cottage in the woods by the sea) and I started up a clothing range together called Baboushkas Bloomers.  Our first joint venture was the Helga jumper…. you see my friend is a super star knitter and makes the most wonderful yokes… so she knits the yokes, and I take it from there with crochet.  I absolutely love these jumpers, I feel they are totally unique with their hooky/knitty goodness combination….





….. and then we chatted and whipped ourselves into a frenzy over clothes ideas….. the plan was to make things together, but we both got carried away and ended up bringing our own finished items to the table… but is oft thee way with that gal and I, everything just mixy matched perfectly…….

…… so we gathered our makes and headed down to the beach for our first photo shoot…. luckily my mister is jolly handy with a camera



….. I don’t think either of us are very comfortable in front of a camera, but we figured our clothes would look better worn by us rather than mannequins… and truth be told we rather enjoyed it


…..and we were rather happy with how the photos turned out….














….. most items sold pretty quickly, and orders were placed…..so we cracked on and made some more outfits….. and I had a morning most lovely setting everything up outside Our Maude



….and our next collection was shot…. again we had managed to co-ordinate without pre discussion.. we do that that gal and I …….

…. (I’m leaving the pictures exactly as they were loaded as every time I try and arrange them differently it all goes a bit tits up, and I loose my cursor…. and this has take about 10 times longer to write than it should have done)

…again it all proved rather popular, and the orders came flooding in…. and we became a bit overwhelmed… and it was all super great….. and then pizzas came on the scene…. but that is another post altogether.

…that was our last shoot, a year ago… way too long ago!!!!  We have been making, we just don’t seem to be able to get our arses into gear, the photo shoots aren’t happening… other stuff keeps happening.  We will do!!!…we truly will