When one thing leads to another……..

…..firstly, apologies for my way too long absence.  You see I really have been feeling not at all my best physically, and my brain has been struggling to function….but after tests I now have medication which will hopefully make me feel normal again (well, my version of normal)….Yay!!!!!  It’s a funny old thing, you don’t want to be told you have a ‘condition’, but when you are it’s such a huge relief…because it hopefully means that the way you have been feeling isn’t how it’s always going to be.  There are still further investigations to go, but at least I’m hopefully partly sorted…


one thing that does still seem to work is my creative side, it hasn’t been firing on full throttle, but it has been slowly chugging along.  I have been on a bit of a ‘one thing leading to another’ session….I’ll explain, with pictures of course.

…remember a while ago I made some ‘All Mixed Up’ bunting



…and whilst it was on the table I was playing around with it and made it into a circle…..and I thought how cool it would be to make a circular cushion along the lines of……


…so that’s what I did.  This one is living here at home,  I like to keep the original of all these makes as a point of reference for future makes…the trouble is I’m kind of running out of places for cushions.

Design, and technical bits sorted I went on to make one to sell (note to one’s self….list those items in your Etsy shop gal, they won’t sell piled up on the chair)….here’s the finished item…



I like to name my creations, I was thinking along the lines of ‘Buntingesque Cushion’ as it was inspired by bunting, but that wasn’t a great name….and when someone in facebook land said it reminded them of a ferris wheel I thought…aha…’Carousel Cushion’…

12669680_989667117773159_372645645948595081_n (1)12687908_989667127773158_4501305579144816834_n (1)

…..anyway, during the process of backing said cushion, which was taking place on the dining table, next to the pile of our placemats


….I thought to myself….aha, wouldn’t round fabric, crochet trimmed placemats be cool


…so that’s what I did

10336657_991005857639285_4863128032805955376_n (1)12654284_991005837639287_5824377371618656392_n (1)


….I absolutely love these!!!!!!

….and then I got to thinking…oh, wouldn’t one of these be cool if turned into a cushion


….so that’s what I did

12717546_997822990290905_8248661940776488146_n10446517_997823036957567_1117730323023426108_n (1)


So there we have it, my rather rambling story of where my ideas come from….how ‘one thing leads to another’

thank you for stopping by, and I hope the sun is shining on you,

Alfie xx