Yikes….how oh so ever so exciting…..I’m in Mollie Makes!!!!!!

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….crikey blimey…..how I did it I will never know…..but I did it…..I not only wrote my very first ever pattern, but I have had it published in Mollie Makes.


I contacted them at the beginning of the year, with a brief description of what a I do along with a few photos.  I didn’t hear anything from them, and figured it was worth a go….better to have a go and nothing come of it than think…hmmm, I wonder.  Then quite a few weeks after I received an email saying they would like to feature my Granny Patch bunting, and would I be able to provide them with a pattern?  Christopher Columbus thought I , crikey blimey!!!!

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I am oh so, everso proud of myself for managing to do this.  You see I managed to write the pattern when I was at the worst time with my health issues….the time when my brain was thick pea soup, the time when everything hurt and my body just cried out for sleep all the time……a time full of trips to the hospital for all sorts of things.  There were times when I thought I wouldn’t be able to do it, when I just stared blankly at my laptop screen not being able to find any of the words to explain what I needed to say.

The making of the bunting was fine….I just couldn’t get it into words.

I didn’t give up though….I kept on at it, a little at a time…and I got there

MMS67.CrochetbuntingMMS67.Crochetbunting2 (1)

Massive thanks to my husbeth Pete …..   for being so patient when I many a time claimed I was ready for photos to be taken for the pattern, only to realise I didn’t have all of the stages, so he had to wait patiently whilst I started up another square.





Also for all of his help with the techie stuff, none of which I had a clue how to do.

Also many thanks to my lovely Auntie Carolyn for letting me disturb many a peaceful evening when I nipped round and asked to try out my next stage of destructions

ooooh….and how cool is this……

my date of birth is 26/6/67…….and the magazine I’m featured in the June issue, released on the 26th….issue 67…..I’m rather thinking that has to mean something?

….so now I’d best get on and finish that  Granny cardi pattern that people have been asking for



….and now that I’ve had a taste of being in print, it has made me more than ever want to write that book that I was planning on my bike rides home from work last summer.  Whether or not it happens I haven’t a clue…..but I certainly am going to have a good bash at it

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bye for now, and thank you so much for stopping by,

Alfie x

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